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Our mission is to care for every patient and their family as if they were our own. Each patient, each family, each and every time.

Persons at risk for neuroleptic syndrome. schizophrenics, alcoholics, allergy sufferers, patients with disorders in the emotional sphere, suffering from various types of psychosis, having a history of congenital brain abnormalities, exhausted and anemic patients, women in the postpartum period, those who have suffered a head injury, suffering from dementia and persistent extrapyramidal disorders, elderly men, catatonia, intercurrent infections and history of electroconvulsive therapy. NMS is a severe iatrogenic psychoneurosomatic pathology that occurs in response to buy cymbalta pills therapy.

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The pathogenesis of the syndrome is currently not fully understood. Medical scientists, constantly improving knowledge about the biochemical principles of the brain, have established that the syndrome develops when the central or peripheral structures of the body are damaged. Pathogenetic links of NMS of central origin.

Pathogenetic links of NMS of peripheral origin.:

  • NMS is characterized by gradual development, which makes it possible to recognize alarming symptoms in time and stop the disease.

The clinical picture of the syndrome consists of the following symptoms.

Catatonic signs and extrapyramidal manifestations occur first. Then they are joined by neurological and psychosomatic disorders. These are mandatory diagnostic criteria that arise in any form of the disease. Even after the elimination of the neuroleptic syndrome, mental disorders and neurological consequences may continue to appear for several months and years.

  • The characteristic symptoms of the disease are often combined with signs of hepatic dystrophy, cholestatic hepatitis and bullous dermatitis. Such manifestations are optional and do not always occur. Forms of neuroleptic syndrome.

In a mild version of the syndrome, the temperature rises to low-grade levels, vegetative symptoms are moderate, signs of cymbalta are present in the blood, and catatonia predominates.

Neuroleptic parkinsonism occurs in older people and is manifested by intermittent movements, muscle stiffness, decreased general activity, immobility of facial muscles, tremors, drooling, sweating, difficulty concentrating, impaired memory and assimilation of information, loss of interest in the outside world. Acute dystonia often develops in young people with drug addiction, alcoholism, central nervous system diseases, and endocrinopathies.

The course of the syndrome of moderate severity is characterized by a rise in temperature to 39°C, severe autonomic disorders, signs of hypovolemia and hypokalemia, oneiric disturbance of consciousness, stupor, frequent repetition of the same movements, words and phrases.

Symptoms of pathology. involuntary muscle spasms, causing discomfort and leading to order duloxetine online. Patients make grimaces, stick out their tongues, throw back their heads. Spasms of the pharynx and larynx are possible, leading to airway obstruction. Early or late akathisia - increased motor skills and the need for movement, an anxious and restless state, fidgeting, rocking, foot tapping, constant tugging at clothes, a depressive state leading to suicide. Tardive dyskinesia develops in older people and is manifested by muscle spasms, unsteady gait, antisocial behavior, speech disorders, twitching of facial muscles, protruding tongue, smacking lips, puffing out cheeks.

The severe course of the syndrome is characterized by fever reaching febrile levels, increased autonomic and somatic symptoms, water-salt imbalance, and hemodynamic disturbances. There are pronounced inflammatory changes in the blood. Stupor and coma, confusion, lack of reflexes are the outcome of severe neuroleptic syndrome. Video. An example of a reaction after the administration of a neuroleptic.

Neuroleptic syndrome is a side effect of antipsychotic drugs caused by their long-term use or excess dosage. Patients experience pain and aches throughout the body, aggression, disturbed sleep, depression, tearfulness, and restlessness. All movements accelerate, there is a need to constantly move and walk quickly. The gaze of duloxetine pills becomes fluent, not fixed, facial expressions are pronounced. The usual facial features change. Characteristic disorders appear in the gastrointestinal tract. heaviness in the epigastrium, a feeling of fullness in the right hypochondrium.

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Diagnosis of NMS consists of collecting anamnesis, examining the patient, conducting laboratory tests and functional tests. The diagnosis of the syndrome is made after excluding other diseases with similar symptoms. hemogram - leukocytosis, shift of the formula to buy duloxetine, increased ESR, lymphopenia, blood biochemistry - increased creatinine phosphokinase, protinuria, azotemia, hyper- or hyponatremia, hypokalemia, hypocalcemia, hypomagnesemia, increased levels of transaminases, lactic acid, coagulogram - coagulopathy, general urinalysis - myoglobinuria . MRI or CT, chest radiography, electroencephalography.